Seared beef tenderloin

This all started when a friend of mine asked if I could cater a party for them.  She wanted to serve beef tenderloin to 80 guests.  I must say I was a little nervous but of course I said let’s cook!!!

I purchased 55 lbs of tenderloin, trimmed them be removing the silver skin and added fresh cracked tricolor peppercorns & kosher salt to them.  Set up my grill for direct cooking and once the grill was about 450 degrees cleaned & oiled the cooking grate.  I placed the beef on the grill for about 20 minutes turning a 1/4 turn every 5 minutes until the internal temp reached 135 degrees.  Wrapped  the meat up in a foil pan and let rest for 15 minutes.  They loved it!!!


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Trim the tenderloin by removing the silver skin coat with a olive oil salt & fresh cracked pepper.  Set up the grill for direct cooking.  Your looking for a grill temp about 450 degrees.  Make sure the grill is hot , clean & well oiled.  Place the tenderloins on the grill and sear turning the beef a quarter turn every 5 minutes until internal temp reaches 130 degrees for medium rear.  Pull the meat off and let it rest under a foil tent cut & enjoy.   I  catered a party for 80 people and cooked 55 lbs.


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Low & slow baby back ribs





Remove the membrane on the backside.  Coat the ribs with mustard as the binder add your BBQ rub.  If you have the time let them sit overnight if not set up your grill for indirect cooking let the grill get to 225 degrees place ribs on the rack and slow cook.  I make a moppin sauce and mop every 2 hrs.  After 4 hours place ribs in a foil pan with some moppin sauce and cover with foil.  Check after an hour you may want them to go a little longer until fork tender.  Take the ribs out of the pan and char them on the grill add your BBQ sauce or add the moppin sauce and BBQ rub place on the grill if you want Memphis style dry ribs. 









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Tomato paste with wine, garlic, salt & pepper, oregano and olive oil than placed on the Big Green Egg until internal temp reaches about 130.  Always, always let your meat rest before slicing!!!!


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My neighbor bought a box of Moo & Oink rib tips and didn’t know what to do

Having a couple of cold pops with my neighbor the other night they mentioned that they bought a box of Moo & Oink rib tips and asked me “what do I do with these”?  I told them I’ll take care of them and slow cook those rib tips until the meat falls off the bone.   I cut some of the excess fat off, applied yellow mustard and my special BBQ rub. Fired up my Big Green Egg to 250 degrees added 3 nice chunks of hickory put the plate setter in and placed the ribs in a rack.  Those rib tips smoked for 3 hours.  I applied an apple juice, cider vinegar, brown sugar & mustard mop twice during the 3 hours.  After the 3 hour  mark I placed the rib tips in a foil pan added some of the mop and covered them with foil.  I then closed the intake & daisy wheel on the BGE and let the rib tips get real happy. After an hour I took them off and let them rest.  The waiting is the hardest part so keep yourself busy check your e-mail, go buy a bag of ice or have a couple of cold pops.  Pull off the foil and dig in.  No knife needed just plenty of paper napkins.

Fall off the bone & good eating!!!

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Pork Butts

I am grilling six pork butts on my Big Green Egg.

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Hello world!

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